Wednesday, April 13, 2011

INGLOT eyeshadow breakdown.


  • Matte: As you'd expect, matte shades have a dull finish, without any shimmer or sparkle.

  • Pearl: Another fairly standard term, these shades have a satiny to slightly shimmery frost finish, but are devoid of separate particles of glitter.

  • DS: Stands for Double Sparkle, these are satin (semi-matte) based shades with an added dose of fine glitter, though most of the people I've spoken to that own these say the base reads as a matte.

  • AMC: Stands for "advanced makeup component", This collection is perspiration resistant, contains vitamin E, and is talc-free. From what I could gather, the majority of AMC shades are a matte base with glitter, with the exception of #63, which is complete matte black without shimmer or glitter

  • AMC Shine: Same as AMC above, but more finely milled so these have a bit more sheen to them. According to the breakdown I was given, shades 24-36, 39, 41, and 43-49 compare to MAC's Veluxe Pearl finish, which is a soft metallic finish overlaid with pearl. In other words, shimmery, frosty or metallic, but not glittery. Other shades in the line have a high-frost to glittery finish.

  •                        INGLOT eyeshadows vary in quantity of product also but nothing under 2.3 : )

  • AMC 2.7g

  • AMC SHINE 3.5g

  • PEARL 2.7g

  • D.S. 2.5g

  • MATTE 2.3g

  •                                      SOME OTHER BRAND WEIGHTS ARE BELOW

  • MAC Eyeshadow 1.5g

  • MAC Mineralize eyeshadow 2.2g

  • Urban Decay Round eyeshadows 1.4g

  • Makeup Forever Eyeshadows 2.5g

  •                                    THE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK IS THE FREEDOM SYSTEM
    A do-it-yourself, pick-your-palette of eyeshadows, face powders, lipsticks, creme concealers, blushes, brow powder and brow waxes.
    Palettes come in squares and rounds of 2,4,5,10,20 for eyeshadows. I have heard the 20 is limited edition but so far NYC store says it is here to stay : ) 1-2 shadows are $7 each. 3-9 shadows are $5 each 10+ shadows are $4.50 each. A lot of people like round shadows BUT you get more product in the squares.
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