Monday, October 21, 2013

Foundation Primers

I have currently been looking for foundation primers. One that I always go back to is the smash box photo finish primer. Which is a staple in my collection. I have also tried the Mary Kay foundation primer gel. Do not like it AT ALL! The formula is not right to be used as a primer I think. It's texture is nice when it first comes out the tube but when actually worked into the skin it almost is to watery. And doesn't dry. So Mary Kay primer is a no go for me. I did find something that is VERY close to the smash box primer and it is by revlon. The revlon beyond natural smoothing primer. It is a little bit thinner than the smash box but it is very very close. Definitely recommend this as a drugstore dupe for smash box photo finish primer.


Saw this foundation in a local pharmacy and picked it up to give it a try. Unfortunately I do not like it. Don't think it is matte at all. Leaves a dewy finish and the longevity of it is not long at all. I went out for about 4 hours and it was wearing off and becoming blotchy. I am not a fan of the smell also. But I guess not all products that is $7.99 not going to live up to a lot of expectations.

Cargo tinted moisturizer

I came across this tinted moisturizer at the beginning of the summer. I found it in a Duane Reade that had a beauty section that was almost like a sephora setup. When I tested it I felt like it is very much like the Laura Mericer tinted moisturizer. And I couldn't have made a better choice. I really love this as a dupe for my first favorite moisturizer which is by Laura Mericer. Very light weight and Hydrating. It has a SPF of 20 perfect of your on the go and want a light coverage. The color that I use is nude.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Maybelline Instant age rewind eraser dark circles treatment concealer

I have seen this product a lot lately on YouTube tutorials and was willing to give it a try. At first I was not too sure how I felt about the product but with numerous attempts on using different techniques on applying I found the way that works best for me. The way that it works best for me is to apply with the ring finger then use the beauty blender to blend it out. This product I also wouldn't consider as a concealer but a brightener. I am a NC35 in MAC and just a touch of this brightens up the eye area like you never lost any sleep. The consistency of it is very much like MACs select moisture cover concealer. I would purchase this again but it wouldn't be for a while because a little goes a long way.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Proactive Solution

It has been a little over a month now that I have been using proactive and just received my second shipment. I started using proactive for small problem areas on my face that are only certain times of the month. Or spot treatment any other time. It is recommend to use twice a day but that is too much for me since I do not have severe acne. I actually use the whole treatment every other day. I use in the morning cleanser and toner everyday. And every other day I use the repair treatment. I actually really really love the toner. After toner I apply my moisturizer and then my makeup. The renewing cleanser has a texture almost like dark angles from LUSH but in a liquid form. Repairing treatment is a product that definitely works for me but over use will dry out your skin. My secret is to use it on the T zone if you have oily skin. It absorbs excess oils.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I am in love! Finally a reasonable price for good quality brushes. Extremely soft and very easy to clean. One thing. I do not use the brushes for what they were intended for. The blush brush I use as a powder brush and stippling brush I use for blush. Besides that deff worth the money. And they weren't pricey at all! GREAT for beginners!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Urban Decay Vice palette 2!
I am extremely happy with how Urban Decay continues to progress with improvements with their products. Especially with palettes. I am beyond pleased with the vice palette 2. I have the first vice palette and I think that the eyeshadows are gorgeous and I love the texture and pay off of the colors. If you do own Urban Decay palettes right away when you see shimmery or glittery eyeshadow you might think they are chunky or chalky. When I saw the shimmers that is what I was expecting. But to my surprise that was not the case and very happy that is was smooth and not chalky. Love this palette! Definitely recommend for the makeup lovers out there!

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