Monday, December 30, 2013

What's your skin type?

If you do not know your skin type, take the following steps to determine which type of skin you have. This will help you decide what your skin's needs are.

Easy steps as below:
1. Wash your face with a normal cleanser, then rinse and pat dry.
2. Wait an hour.
3. Note if your skin feels tight or not
4. Press a separate piece of tissue onto each facial area; chin, center of cheeks, center of forehead, outer forehead and nose.
5. Examine each tissue and look for oil residue or flaky skin residue.
6. Wite down your results and use the guide below to help determine your skin type.

Oily skin type: There should be an oily residue on eah tissue. Even a small amount oil on each tissue counts as oily skin.
Dry skin type: There will be flaky skin residue on a lot of the tissues and there should not be any oily residue on the tissue, the skin will also have a tight feeling.
Normal or combination skin type: There will be oil on some tissues (Specifically those areas, such as the center of forehead, nose, chin and center of cheeks) and it will be dry on other pieces of tissue. Sometimes you will even notice a flaky skin residue on some of the pieces.

Pore size is another way to know your skin type; small pores generally indicate dry skin, while large pores mean oily skin.

Remember that there are many factors that affect your skin type, such as weather, emotions, hormones and stress; this will cause your skin type to fluctuate. If you still are unsure about your skin type results take another sample after you response with your testimony.

Friday, December 27, 2013

To smudge or not to smudge

Which would you prefer? What do you think is a perfect black eyeliner for you? I like very black pigmented eyeliners but the ones that are most pigmented smudge the most so
I set it with a black eyeshadow. My most used is Urban Decay perversion it's pigmented and stays well. I love MACs feline! I wish it had the staying power of the UD liners.

Thursday, December 26, 2013


Released today on December 26 2013 the MAC Magnetic nude collection. The trend that seems to be blossoming more these days are
rose gold undertones. Which I absolutely LOVE! When I received information about this collection a few weeks ago I fell in love. I really like the metallic finishes especially for the holiday season. I purchased all of the eyeshadows and two of the skin finishes. The blushes, lipsticks and fluidlines did not call my attention well one of the fluidlines did. It is called chill. But when I swatched it at the store and brainstormed it is exactly like chilled on ice paint pot! ( which I love and also own.) so I swatched chill and decided to walk around d to see if it would no wear off. Thank goodness I did buy it it came off with in 45 min. The sling finishes I love. They are smooth and excellent highlights. The extra dimension eyeshadows are amazing. The texture of the eyeshadows are incredible silky, smooth and nicely pigmented which I think MAC has come a very long way. I very happy with the new additions to my collection!

^^^ Fairly Precious Skinfinish ^^^

^^^ Superb Skinfinish ^^^

^^^ A Natural Flirt ^^^ eyeshadow

^^^ Sweet Heat ^^^ eyeshadow

^^^ Silver Dawn ^^^ eyeshadow

^^^ Platinum Love ^^^ eyeshadow

^^^ Amorous Alloy ^^^ eyeshadow

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


In the picture above swatches from left to right are

1. Shimmer Moss
2. Haunting
3. Swimming
4. Flourishing
5. Knight Divine
6. Tilt
7. Strike A Pose

In the picture above the swatches from left to right are

1. Moon's Reflection
2. Clarity
3. Freshwater
4. Sumptuous Olive
5. Violet Trance
6. Fig.1

In the picture above the swatches from left to right are

1. Paradisco
2. Maria's Mood
3. Swish
4. Stars "N" Rockets
5. Purple Shower
6. Parfait Amour
7. Contrast

In the picture above the swatches left to right are

1. Gorgeous Gold
2. Chrest The Wave
3. Silver Ring
4. Idol eyes
5. Beauty Marked
6. Black Tied
7. Carbon

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


The picture above from left to right.

1. Crystal avalanche
2. Mylar
3. Shroom
4. Vanilla
5. Nylon
6. Yogurt
7. Hush

The picture above from left to right.

1. Retrospeck
2. Honey Lust
3. Honesty
4. Naked lunch
5. Rice-paper
6. Orb

The picture above from left to right.

1. Goldmine
2. Gleam
3. Sweet lust
4. Expensive pink
5. Patina
6. Wood-winked
7. Swiss Chocolate

The picture above from left to right.

2. All that glitters
3. Bronze
4. Charcoal brown
5. Soft brown
6. Saddle

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Bought them and forgot them

Went through all my shadows and came across the limited edition hello kitty and Wonder Woman palettes. Now it's time to put them to use again! : )



My new favorite pink lipstick! MAC candy yum yum. I love love love this shade of pink. I think I love it more because it is a matte finish. Very vibrant and daring color to wear.

Monday, December 2, 2013

My new Favorite fall lipstick

I have had this lipstick for a while now hiding under all of the other lipsticks I own. I decided it is time to put it to use! This is a perfect deep plum purple that is great for fall/winter. My new favorite lipstick!

Too Faced Samples

I received a Two Faced sample Box and in the box were primed poreless face primer, shadow insurance eyeshadow primer, chocolate soleil bronzer and better than sex mascara. My favorite product is the bronzer. The smell of chocolate is heaven. The shadow insurance does not work for me. I use the tiniest amount and shadow still creases. The primed poreless is good for those that like using primers. I personally don't like to use them. The better than sex mascara I like it really adds volume and length to your lashes. Two coats is fine. More than two coats it becomes clumpy.

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