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To increase the shelf like of any of your products make sure you practice sanitary habits, such as wiping your eye shadow with tissue after use, spritz alcohol onto it, cleaning your brushes REGULARLY! If you dont have any brush cleaner, baby shampoo or face wash will do fine!

Sight, Smell, Touch

- How does the product appear in its container?
- How does it look when applied?

- How does the product smell?
- Does it smell like it did when you first started using it, or has the scent changed?

- How does the product feel on your skin?
- Is it smooth, consistent and blendable or is it cakey, bumpy and uneven?

Signs to Look Out For

Telltale Signs it's Time to Trash:
- Liquid contents have separated
- It should be moist, but has dried up
- The surface is spotted and discoloured or particles are floating inside the container
- Pencil tips are coated white or grey
- Lids are coated with hardened product
- It's goopy, clumpy or the consistency has changed
- It smells bad
- The application is inconsistent
- The colour has changed

Products and Life Expectancy:
this info varies a bit from what was posted above,
so use your own discretion when in doubt. This is just a guideline

- liquid, water-based :: 1 year
- liquid, oil-based :: 18 months
- cream :: up to 1 year
- powder :: up to 2 years

- liquid, water based :: 1 year
- liquid, oil-based :: 18 months
- cream :: up to 1 year

- cream :: up to 1 year
- powder :: up to 2 years

- liquid :: 6 months
- cream :: up to 1 year
- pencil :: 2 years

- cream :: up to 1 year
- tube :: 3 months

- liquid :: 1 year
- cream :: up to 1 year
- powder :: up to 2 years

- pencil :: 2 years

Lipstick :: up to 2 years

Lipgloss :: 6 months

Nail Polish :: up to 2 years


Extend a Product's Shelf Life

- Apply it with a cotton swab, sponge or clean brush to reduce bacterial contamination
- Close lids firmly to keep air and germs out
- Store it in a dark, dry and cool place

- Apply it with your fingers
- Keep it open unless you're using it
- Store it in the bathroom. Heat and humidity cause premature aging.

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