Thursday, January 9, 2014


As I get older I find myself taking care of my skin a whole lot more now than ever before. One of the things that I wanted to do for a few months now is a facial peel. Facial peels are easily well over $100. I didn't want to get one done professionally because you never know how your skin would react. I really and didn't want to be walking around for a week with my skin falling off my face. So with a lot of research I have discovered a lot of different types of peels that people do at home. Some actually buy the acids and do it at home but that wasn't an option for me. So I kept on searching and discovered that Olay had one. As soon as I saw it I wanted to try it simply because it was sold in a drugstore and it had to safer that other options. I have seen that there are a lot if peels that are just the facial/wipes that have them chemicals in it. There is one that I did see that I would still like to try but I decided to go for this one first. Because it is a two step process that you can actually see working. Step one is a thick syrupy consistency that has small sugar like particles to exfoliate. Once you apply a thin layer of this all over your face you will stated feeling your get warm. Then in a small circular motion you start exfoliating no longer than a minute and not too harsh. You the take step two and apply a thin layer all over and you will feel it warm up again and will notice a slight foaming. After you apply all over you then start exfoliating in a small circular motion all over the face. As you do this the small sugar like particle will start to dissolve.once you have exfoliated for a minute with step two you take warm water and a wash cloth and clean it all off. The results are amazing. Right away you notice pore size have minimized and your skin is left feeling EXTREMELY soft. I am in love with this peel! Try a section on your hand before you apply to your face just to make sure you do not have a bad reaction.

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  1. This sounds interesting, I also take care of my skin a lot more now too.


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