Thursday, December 26, 2013


Released today on December 26 2013 the MAC Magnetic nude collection. The trend that seems to be blossoming more these days are
rose gold undertones. Which I absolutely LOVE! When I received information about this collection a few weeks ago I fell in love. I really like the metallic finishes especially for the holiday season. I purchased all of the eyeshadows and two of the skin finishes. The blushes, lipsticks and fluidlines did not call my attention well one of the fluidlines did. It is called chill. But when I swatched it at the store and brainstormed it is exactly like chilled on ice paint pot! ( which I love and also own.) so I swatched chill and decided to walk around d to see if it would no wear off. Thank goodness I did buy it it came off with in 45 min. The sling finishes I love. They are smooth and excellent highlights. The extra dimension eyeshadows are amazing. The texture of the eyeshadows are incredible silky, smooth and nicely pigmented which I think MAC has come a very long way. I very happy with the new additions to my collection!

^^^ Fairly Precious Skinfinish ^^^

^^^ Superb Skinfinish ^^^

^^^ A Natural Flirt ^^^ eyeshadow

^^^ Sweet Heat ^^^ eyeshadow

^^^ Silver Dawn ^^^ eyeshadow

^^^ Platinum Love ^^^ eyeshadow

^^^ Amorous Alloy ^^^ eyeshadow

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