Saturday, September 10, 2011


I have been building my collection for a while now and realized now " I think I should slow down" lol. I have a good amount of eyeshadows now and realize that I really do use everything I have which is definitely a plus. At the beginning of my collection I focused on MAC eyeshadows because the range of colors and it was easier for me to get to a MAC store. After I really got into makeup it is then I started looking into other brands that were equally or better than MAC eyeshadows.

Coastal Scents is a really good brand also but you don't get enough product. They are dime size eyeshadows in the palette I have ( 36 smokey eye palette ). The color payoff is not bad at all but I personally do not like the smell. And especially if I have to apply it on my face.

Too Faced eyeshadow that I have is the romantic palette which I depotted the palette. I really love the colors but they are very chalky. Being chalky can take up time also trying to clean off excess eyeshadow off the face or having to re-apply a concealer.

There are plenty of other brands out there that I have swatched in stores but just didn't like. And for the prices of most of them were just OUTRAGEOUS : ( . I wasn't wowed by Urban Decay when I tried there naked palette because I basically had dupes for all the colors from MAC. But when I received the 15th anniversary eyeshadow collection I was in heaven : )

My absolutely favorite brand for eyeshadows is Inglot. I did a lot of research and held off as long as I could to get them in IMATS NYC 2011. When me and my friend got to IMATS..... when that door opened the first stop was INGLOT. We both got a 20 palette cause I believe it was 30% off.

Ingot eyeshadows are AMAZING! Very pigmented, very easy to blend and good quantity for the $. To achieve a MAC color that is in the pan you have to pass it over about 2-3 times I can never get the color pay off with just one pass of the brush. Although I love the colors they have it is double the work. With ingot eyeshadows it only takes 1 time to get that color payoff. I LOVE IT : ) less time consuming.......especially if I am working on a client.


  1. That is an impressive collection. I could probably fill a room with all my hair stuff haha

  2. I've been wanting to try Inglot Cosmetics for a while now. I will be getting some soon. You got a good collection going on. A girl can never have too much makeup :)

  3. I love your collection! Inglot is the bomb. I have used it for shows and bridal work and never let me down. :) xo, jyz

  4. Ahhh this is every girls dream! Really amazing collection and I have to agree with what JYZ said-Inglot is incredible <3

    Marianna xxx

  5. wOw...i luv ur e/s collection! ive been dying to try INGLOT e/s! im def putting INGLOT e/s palette on my bday wishlist! =)


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